About me

I'm a Junior Systemadministrator from Germany. I love it to fix strange and complicated errors on all systems!

My job is it to help other persons with technical issues and I love this work.
In my free time I do also IT stuff, at the moment I have my own Blog Website. I developed the complete website and user login interface by my own.
My hobbies revolve around IT!

Information about my previous employers

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    Justin Althans | IT-Consultant

    I work as a freelancer in Germany to gain more practical and theoretical experience! Here I work for business and private clients.

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    Deutsche Aircraft GmbH

    I started my working at Deutsche Aircraft GmbH in 2022 as an IT specialist. Now I'm working here as an Junior Systemadministrator. Deutsche Aircraft GmbH is a company that made the development of the D328 and now builds the D328Eco!

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    Aldi Süd

    I started my training at Aldi Süd in 2020 and dropped out in 2022 due to private issues. Aldi Süd is a German employer operating in the retail sector.

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    Netto Marken Discount

    I worked at Netto Markendiscount as a temp in the merchandise clearance and customer service area. Netto Marken Discount is a German employer operating in the retail sector.

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    I worked at the Amper-Kurier when I was 13 and delivered newspapers there. Amper-Kurier is a regional free newspaper in the district of Fürstenfeldbruck (Germany).

Voluntary work

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    I work in this company as an IT supporter and as an IT consultant
    The most innovative IT service provider for servers and high-security data centers in Germany!



  1. Web Development (HTML, CSS, JS & PHP)

    2020 - Present

    I am a professional and hobby website developer, you can find all my projects under portfolio.

  2. End User Support

    2022 - Present

    I have been providing professional IT support as part of my employment since 2022

My career history

  1. Justin Althans | IT-Consultant

    Dezember 2023 - Present

    I work as a freelancer in Germany to gain more practical and theoretical experience! Here I work for business and private clients.

  2. Junior Systemadministrator | Deutsche Aircraft GmbH

    July 2023 — Present

    I work as an junior system administrator at Deutsche Aircraft GmbH.

  3. IT Fachkraft | Deutsche Aircraft GmbH

    May 2022 - June 2023

    I started as an untrained person at Deutsche Aircraft GmbH as an IT specialist.

  4. Training as a retail salesman | Aldi Süd

    August 2020 - February 2022

    I started my training as a retail salesman by Aldi Süd in Germany.

  5. Temporary staff | Aldi Süd

    May 2020 - July 2020

    I was a Temporary staff by Aldi Süd in Germany, in order to be accepted for my training.

  6. Temporary staff | Netto Marken Discount

    March 2020 - May 2020

    I was a Temporary staff by Netto Marken Discount in Germany, to bridge in the Corona time.

  7. Newspaper delivery boy | Amper-Kurier

    September 2017 - March 2020

    I started my work by Amper-Kurier as an newspaper delivery boy to get some money as an kid.


  1. Vocational School Fürstenfeldbruck | Aldi Süd contract

    September 2020 — February 2022

    Grade point average by end of contract: ⌀ 2,28
    Specialist points:
    Ethics: 2
    German: 2
    Politics and society: 1
    English: 3
    Customer oriented behavior: 3
    Retailing processes: 3
    Commercial control and monitoring: 2

  2. Olching Middle School

    January 2020 — Juli 2020

    Grade point average in graduation: ⌀ 1,9
    Final examination grade:
    German: 2
    Math: 2
    Project (Economy/Informationtechnologie): 1
    History / Social studies / Geography: 2
    Ethics: 2
    English: 2

  3. Puchheim Secondary School

    2018 — January 2020

    Grade point average from 8th to 9th grade: ⌀ 3,65
    IT point average: ⌀ 2

  4. Munich Secondary School

    2014 — 2018

    Grade point average from 5th to 7th grade: ⌀ 2,93
    IT point average: ⌀ 2

  5. Elementary School

    2010 — 2014

    Grade point average from 1nd to 4th grade: ⌀ 2,16

My skills

  • Language German
  • Database Administration
  • Backend Web Development
  • IT-Support for end users
  • Language English
  • HTML
  • PHP
  • Client Administration
  • CSS
  • Linux server management
  • Windows server administration
  • JS

What I'm doing

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    Server Management

    Professional Server Management.
    OS: Windows, Linux

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    Web Development

    Hobby and professionell Web Development on my and customer websites.

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    End User Support

    Professional end user support on every OS.

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    Client Administration

    Professional client administration.
    OS: Windows, iOS

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    Domain Managment

    I manage domains completely myself and am familiar with the general setup of a domain.

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    Database Administrator

    I manage various databases both professionally and privately. I have advanced knowledge of SQL.

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    Mobile Device Management (MDM)

    Mobile Device Management on Android and iOS

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    SharePoint Administration

    SharePoint Administration on SharePoint 2019

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    Nintex Workflow Administration

    Professional administration on nintex workflows

  • Couldn't load picture

    NetBox Management

    NetBox maintenance and administration

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    vSphere Administration

    Professional VMware Administration in vSphere

  • Couldn't load picture

    Citrix Administration

    Professional Citrix Server and VM administration

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    Fujitsu Client Administration

    Complete management of Fujitsu client devices

  • Couldn't load picture

    Lenovo Client Administration

    Complete management of Lenovo client devices


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